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Stop wasting your valuable time setting up PBNs! Let us do it for you while you scale your business.

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Buy Multiple PBNS and Save!



1. Custom Theme Installation
2. Custom Logo and Favicon
3. Essential Plugins Installed
4. Professional Design to Pass Manual Review
5. 500+ Word Handwritten Content
6. About, contact and privacy/terms of service pages added
7. 3 Social Profiles Created
8. No Footprints
9. Bots blocked (if you want them to be)

Turn Around Time

 2-7 business days for 1-9 PBNs
7-14 business days for 10-19 PBNs
14-21 business days for 20-29 PBNs
21+ business days for 30+ PBNs
Turn around time varies based on the amount of PBNs purchased.


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What is a footprint?

When SEO’s grow their PBN network they tend to do the same thing to each PBN. Use the same theme, same plugins, and login from the same IP etc. We ensure to use a variety of themes, plugins, proxies and more to avoid any potential footprint. Without a footprint it’s impossible for Google to find and deindex your network. Of course you’ll have to do your part to avoid footprints after we set up your PBN.

Do you block bots?

Yes by default we do block bots to prevent your competitors from finding your PBNs. However if you don’t want us to, please let us know in the order form.

So you provide a report?

Yes we will email you a report upon completion, with the login details for wordpress and all the social accounts we created for you.

What social accounts do you create?

We create many different social accounts, and not the same 3 for every single PBN. Google properties will be limited however.